[Topic] Foto Medley Android App Release

AgileTrack Software, LLC, released Foto Medley for the Android platform this week. Foto Medley provides special image effects that are applied to photos on users' phones. It is available for free download the using the Android Market.

Foto Medley is designed to apply any number of special effects to images ? such as photo mosaics, and more.

In its initial release, Foto Medley includes an optimized photo mosaic generator that can create mosaics in just minutes on a mobile phone. Large image libraries to allow users to create the high quality mosaics. AgileTrack Software has indexed thousands of photos into special libraries used in generated mosiacs.

The Foto Medley application was adapted from an in-house research project investigating artistic photo manipulation techniques. For further information, visit: fotomedley.com

—Posted by Adam Lane on Sep 10, 2010


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