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AgileTrack Software, LLC

AgileTrack Software, LLC is owned and operated by Adam Lane.

Having had experience with several agile development teams, and seeing a need for more tools to support agile software development, Adam founded AgileTrack Software, LLC. The company focuses on development of tools and services that aid in software development.

Adam Lane has been developing software professionally since 2000, after numerous years of hobby programming. He has worked developing educational games, commercial web applications, and various tools and utilities. Such projects have been coded using C, C++, Java, shell scripts, Flash, JavaScript, C#, Ruby, Python, and Pascal. An avid soccer player and fan, he has player with and against players having collegiate and semi-professional experience. Some of his other hobby projects have involved such things as home automation, robotics programming.


In the middle of 2005 the AgileTrack project was started at SourceForge. The tool was created as an alternative to the numerous web-based tracking tools available at the time. AgileTrack differentiated itself due to its unique interface and features. After 18 months of development, AgileTrack reached its version 1.0 milestone. In order to sustain further development of the AgileTrack project, AgileTrack Software, LLC.

In addition to the AgileTrack project, AgileTrack Software, LLC continues to pursue development of other tools and services focused at enabling software developers' usage of agile practices.


Located on the west of the Wasatch Front in Utah Valley, AgileTrack Software, LLC is situated adjacent to the Provo River near Utah Lake. Pictured to the right is a small stream that flows nearby, taken on a snowy Spring morning.

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